Author Spotlight: E.G. Creel

  • a humanoid residing on planet Earth, most of the time.

Readers, let’s give a good, hearty welcome to this week’s guest!

A storyteller at heart E. G. is raising her Hobbits near Augusta, Georgia. Vocationally she’s a photographer, and although she’s recently published her first novel, she still wouldn’t go as far as calling herself a writer. Surely, monies would be involved with a claim like that.

E.G., thanks for agreeing to be here today. Most interviews start off with the boring stuff, but I know what readers REALLY want to know.

If you could have any pet (real/fantasy/no-allergies/no worries about feeding it) what would it be?

Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged horse. We’d ride through the eight realms together, plus horse manure is a good fertilizer, and I like to garden.

While I’ve thought he was a great horse, I never contemplated all of those uses. How helpful! And friendly.

What do you write? And how did you get started?

My brain is like most picky houseplants. So, before I begin writing, I drink a glass of water. It helps me feel less wilted. Sunshine helps perk my creativity up as well, so I’ll often go for a walk and find myself daydreaming about the next chapter of whatever I’m writing. Which usually is dark and full of dangerous adventures.

I like to sit down to write with a cup or two of water, too. And walks help me plan my next scene.

What do you like to read?

I haven’t committed a lot of time to reading in the last few years. Mainly I read the subtitles to whatever I’m watching on Netflix, but I enjoy reading short episodes, Kindle Vella, on my phone, and for Christmas, my husband gifted me the Wheel of Time saga… So many books… But I look forward to reading them since finishing the first Season.

I hope you enjoy it!

Name one commonly accepted piece of writing advice that doesn’t work for you


Apparently, I’m pantser. I didn’t even know what that word meant until last month. If I were made to plot out my stories, I’d never have written a thing. That sounds like homework, and I refuse.

I can’t write without knowing which direction I’m going, but I understand it doesn’t work for everyone.

Name one commonly accepted piece of writing advice that works for you

When self-publishing, hire an editor.

Spend money on an editor. It’s like if you ever get arrested, don’t represent yourself.

Definitely! You want to make sure you’re presenting your best foot forward.

Shameless Self-Promotion time!

The Immortal

Emma just turned forty and has finally begun living her best life. She books a vacation to a resort only to find herself on the dinner menu of an immortal Viking.

With only her wit and a little luck, maybe Emma will make it off the island alive.

Lily (A short story)

All who are born as Dubans are born as twins. Lily, unfortunately, is an exception. Due to the unique circumstances of her single birth, Lily is considered an outcast and even cursed from the moment she arrives. Even though she was born alone, Lily has never truly been alone and never will be. To live this way is to be feared, and this is something young Lily will never truly realize if her parents have their way. When her parents attempt to deceive the rest of the community, things take a strange and dangerous turn.

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