One of the hardest things in life is waiting. You do what you can, put out your best effort — or prepare as hard as you can for an event, and then, all you can do is wait to hear how things went.

In writing, waiting to hear back from a beta reader, or agent, or publisher is the struggle.

In life, who you’re waiting to hear back from might be a teacher, an employment opportunity, a realtor, or a doctor. Today, I’m not waiting on news for myself, but sending best wishes to one who is near and dear to me.

We all have different sorts of coping mechanisms when there’s nothing more to do on our end. Some are healthier than others.

Morgan’s Top 3 Coping Mechanisms for Waiting

By ‘top 3’, I mean most employed, not most recommended.

  1. Snacking on candy and chips
  2. Binge reading fluff
  3. Cleaning

Excuse me, I’ve got some cleaning to do. (As soon as I finish these nutella covered saltines and this Regency romance…)

How do you cope with waiting?

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  1. Oh god… waiting! My least favourite thing! I’m a terrible ‘wait-er.’ I wish I would get into cleaning, but no – it’s always reading of puzzles or other claptrap. Nothing productive, I mean. Sigh.

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